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Steam train CK124

Steam Train CK124 at Shanjia Station

There is something about a steam train that seems to fire the imagination regardless of where it’s being stoked. This is definitely the case in Taiwan where there is an avid following. Despite this, it…

Coffee Naps

The “naps” in the name is because you are supposed to feel so comfortable you’ll want to take a nap. It certainly feels like sitting in a living room and the comfy seats are very…

Happy New Year

And we’re back. After a trying 2015, here’s hoping for a great 2016!      

Butterfly on a camera at Taipei City Zoo

Butterflies at Taipei Zoo

It is the most glorious time of year in Taiwan as we revel in Autumn. The weather is about as perfect as it gets, with warmish days and cool nights. The air-conditioning can comfortably be…

The National Palace Museum

The National Palace Museum (NPM) is considered to be a national treasure in Taiwan, and is on just about every top list of things to see in Taiwan. And there is no doubt of the importance…

Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo

Taiwan’s Political Dynasties

Power corrupts, they say. But it also condenses, congeals around influential families who—whether by simple advantage of their privileged positions or by more nefarious means—perpetuate lineages of influence and wealth. They exist in many guises…

Latest News: September 19th 2014

The summer is officially coming to an end, with the end of summer holidays and the kids going back to school. Not that it’s cooling off much as yet with another sweltering week in prospect….

Understanding Taiwan’s Ethnic Groups

Have you ever heard anyone talk about the ethnic groups of Taiwan and wondered what they meant? Do you know your Yuanzhumin from your Waishengren? This is a brief guide to understanding the terms Taiwanese…

The Chinese zodiac in Taiwan

The Chinese Zodiac in Modern Taiwan

Sitting as Taiwan does somewhere along the transition from a traditional agricultural society to a modern technologically-developed nation, the superstitions of older times still hold a surprising amount of sway. From the harmless (not giving…

Taiwan Beer: A True Taiwanese Icon

Taiwan Beer: A True Taiwanese Icon

Image by ayustety. Like Taipei 101, Sun Moon Lake, and the National Palace Museum, Taiwan Beer is a national icon. Unlike the others, Táiwān Píjǐu (Taipi for short) represents a side of Taiwan that doesn’t…