Taiwan Ho! Links

Airlines and Airports (17)
Info on flying to and around Taiwan
Annual Events and Shows (2)
Trade shows and recurring events
Banking and Business (13)
Resources based in Taiwan
Destinations (9)
Places to visit around Taiwan.
Environmental (5)
Issues related to the environment
Expat Resources (10)
Useful information for expats living in Taiwan
Explore (4)
Get active and explore Taiwan
Government (12)
Taiwan government-related sites
Government City & County Guides (7)
The official government sites
Hospitals (22)
Hospitals and medical centres around Taiwan
Hostels (5)
Budget accommodation options
Hotels (11)
Using a booking site is not always cheaper
Hualien (6)
So much to see it gets its own category
Indigenous (5)
Related to the indigenous people of Taiwan
Language (8)
Learn Mandarin and Taiwanese
Media (19)
TV, radio, news and online magazines
Miscellaneous (14)
For everything else...
Museums & Culture (13)
A list of museums throughout Taiwan
Overseas Representative Offices (4)
Defacto foreign embassies in Taiwan
Personal Views (3)
Sites from people living in Taiwan
Politics (6)
Learn more about the politics of Taiwan
Pubs & Clubs (7)
Where to drink (responsibly) and dance (irresponsibly)
Restaurants and Cafes (13)
Well known places to eat and drink
Shopping (9)
Some suggestions but do shop around
Sport (8)
Sports clubs and activities
Taiwan Offices in other Countries (3)
Defacto Taiwanese embassies
Transport (10)
Boats, trains, and automobiles
Travel (4)
General Taiwan-related travel info
Universities and Schools (33)
All aspects of education in Taiwan
Weather (3)

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