Holy Mt. Zion....in Taiwan?!?!?!

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Postby andrew_ysk » Thu Mar 10, 2005 8:24 pm


I don't want to find trouble and i don't like trouble. I am a man of peace.

I said what i said in the previous post because , i want to make u understand of ur mistake (you judge Mt.Zion from outside with just 1 day of touring).
I know what i said about you might not be true at all, because human are complicated, i won't be able to know you just by what you post in this forum (and certainly i don't want to judge you). Just as you won't know Mt.Zion and God's ppl just by looking at them from outward appearance.
i assume you know not bible, you never read bible before, but the teaching of Bible is true, is Truth (refer to bible, book of John 17:17),because the author of Bible is not men, but God (2 Timothy 3:16-17). Bible is to provide you with wisdom of salvation (2 Timothy 3:15). I am not a preacher or anything, just a christian, and it christian's duty to bring the FULL gospel of salvation of all men. and i hate to see satan win over ignorant of ppls' heart. :cry:
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Postby Dave » Thu Mar 10, 2005 9:14 pm

I've read the bible, and there are some really great quotes in it. Here's one:

"Then the Lord said to me, "The prophets are prophesying lies in my name. I have not sent them or appointed them or spoken to them. They are prophesying to you false visions, divinations, idolatries [ Or visions, worthless divinations ] and the delusions of their own minds." Jeremiah 14:14

This one is kindof catchy too:

"My hand will be against the prophets who see false visions and utter lying divinations. They will not belong to the council of my people or be listed in the records of the house of Israel, nor will they enter the land of Israel. Then you will know that I am the Sovereign LORD ." Ezekiel 13:9

And this one isn't too bad:

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves." Matthew 7:15

You know, I've been flipping through the book a few times, and this man Jesus Christ is mentioned quite a bit. But I can't find the name Elijah Hong. Also, the whole story seems to take place somewhere in the Middle East. Taiwan isn't even a footnote.

Man, I guess I just don't understand history. Woe unto me.

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Postby Dave » Thu Mar 10, 2005 9:55 pm

Oh by the way, the author of the bible wasn't God. The Old Testament was written by Jews and comprises 5 books and two seperate sections. I've just discovered that Protestants and Catholics have different Old Testaments. Did you know that? Yes, apparently the Catholic Old Testament has seven books not found in the Protestant counterpart. (maybe they know something we don't)

Anyway as you know, the Christian part of the bible is known as the New Testament, but that wasn't written by God either. Most biblical scholars beleive it was written by many different people. If you don't want to take the "scholarly" view, we can just believe what the church did prior to the 18th century and think the apostles wrote most of it. Either way, the apostles aren't God.

Also, since the book is a compilation of several sources, it wasn't written (or given) all at once, but peiced together after centuries. It's safe to say that the source material wasn't written before 70ad. But that doesn't mean the book we know today was finished. That didn't happen until 397 with the third council of Cathage. Truth be told, I was going to say "Council of Nacea" until I verified it. I'm not up on my cannonical councils today am I!

And of course, my religious sparing partner down in the Culture section would probably not mind me mentioning that other religions have even more...ummm...shall we say, "upgrades"? Much as the Mormon's have their books, Hong and the NTC had a bunch too.

There are some who believe that while the bible was witten by men, it was "guided" by the hand of God. Unfortunately, we are still left with a fragmented Judeo-Christian community where various books with various teachings are used. Often, the theology is contradictory.

In case you weren't aware, those books were largely compiled in the first four centuries of the Gregorian calender and not in rural America in the mid 19th century, not in Hong Kong in the late 1960s.

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Postby andrew_ysk » Thu Mar 10, 2005 11:33 pm

There is 1 thing i must insist:

The TRUTH shall be exalt !

The truth of Mt.Zion shall i defend. I have seem the work of God on Mt.Zion that time when i visited Mt.Zion, i felt His present, with much trembling heart , i dare not to question God of Mt.Zion anymore. Hence i believed in God of Mt.Zion is Forever living God who inspect the heart of men (refer to bible, book of Ezek 11:5). He knows men have fallen and for generations men lived in vain, emptiness under the deception of the wicked lier since the beginning in garden of Eden, none other, but the deceiver satan..

dave, i saw that article (http://www.taiwanho.com/modules.php?op= ... =0&thold=0) quite sometime ago, but apparently, i don't really care. I know deep in me that the author of the poster "know nothing" of Mt.Zion. I dare to say so, because it is so. I won't want to side Mt.Zion if Mt.Zion is not worth me to side. But Mt.Zion is really the perfection Mount that worth me to defend.

It tooks me 25 over years to finally understand and accept the teaching of NTC. Previously before God enlighten my heart, i was just attending church for the sake of following other ppl. But since the Great Tribulation Day is just at hand (judging by prophesies recorded in bible, all the signs.. and degeneration of men kind, the anti christ (those head hunter, brutal murder that decapitate heads, especially target on christian) .. and also the prophesy of Prophet of all nation - Elijah Hong.), God has mercy on me, He knows i am just a man, that i don't have faith in Him, hence, He showed me signs, that only i myself know.
What i prayed, fulfilled, what i asked, come true. And i asked for enlightened eyes and faith in Him, and He gaved me. Hence, now i dare to testify among gentile that there is an EVER LIVING GOD, more real than you and me (refer to bible, book of Isaiah 45:6). He is in Spiritual form (refer to bible, John4:24), He knows ppl's heart. He is mercyful and righteous. He also is a God who is Just. He won't take ppl who is unrighteous as righteous, and righteous as unrighteous. He hates idols (refer to bible, book of Jeremiah 10:14-15).. be it live or dead idols that made of clay. Because idols takes away men's heart and the glory which He deserved to receive [refer to bible, book of Isaiah 48:10-11] (for it is He who created the heaven and earth and us [refer to bible, the book of John1:3]) away from Him.

To know Mt.Zion throughly, one have to accept the Full salvation of God,then seek for enlightenment from God and believe in the teaching of prophet and apostle.
No one can say, he is so clever and great that he can thru bible reading only and know God's miraculous works (ya, only history recorded in bible the person will ever know, but not the spiritual hidden meaning). If God does not enlighten the person; no matter how much he read and listen and participate, the person will never truly know nor get into the feeling of God and His great works of this era.

To know Mt.Zion throughly, one have to accept the Full salvation of God, the testimony of Blood, Water and Holy Spirit which written in Bible. check out bible: (1John 5:6.)
In bible John 14:16/17, Jesus said, Holy Spirit is promised and God send down Holy Spirit. This Holy Spirit is Truth, as God is truth. But sad thing to denomination followers, because this Holy Spirit is not acceptable by worldly ppl, because it can't be seem, and worldly ppl also don't know IT, yet they slander and oppose Holy Spirit Baptism.

also, Church is build upon the foundation of apostles and prophet. Jesus Christ is the head of Church. (eph 2 : 20) Only then its' church, else is denomination (building & organization build by men idea). .

Mt.Zion today is much much much more beautiful than mt.Zion the time that you visited. There are museums and past video of Spiritual Battle with KMT tyrany IN A BUS (exhibition bus) which was destroyed by KMT.

Today, the testimony bear by Mt.Zion is indeed shine through out the world.
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re: point out the falsehoods of david's article.

Postby andrew_ysk » Fri Mar 11, 2005 2:36 am

Let me point out the points in the article on http://www.taiwanho.com/modules.php?op= ... =0&thold=0 which is false. These are from my own opinion and what i know.it is going to be long,it takes me times to read thru , hence you should read thru it carefully as well..

>¡§They keep to themselves mostly,¡¨ said Rex Lin, whose family operates a restaurant/souvenir store in nearby JiaShian. ¡§They don¡¦t like people asking too many questions. It seems their ideas are¡Kextreme. But they come down into the town to buy things and they pay their bills. They sell organic products. Tourists drive up especially to see them and the area makes money, so they¡¦re really no problem".

this is a falsehood. How then this person David Bolster get answers to all his questions if Mt.Zion ppl don't like ppl asking question? then the author must be guessing his answer out , right ?!
off course, if you asking me many nonsense question, i will not bother to reply to you as well. does that make me "don't like ppl asking too many questions ? " No.

>Although I expected an immediate stonewall when I said the word ¡§journalist¡¨ Herman was cautiously willing to explain the NTC¡¦s story.

so, if you said they don't like ppl asking too many questions, why then the article said Hermon willing to explain ?

> Tourists drive up especially to see them and the area makes money, so they¡¦re really no problem.¡¨

I repeat, they are selling organic products to supply ppl with 100% organic Non-toxic food, not to earn your money. Try to check out the organic chicken egg price they were selling on Mt.Zion ! you will find out the price is way cheaper than that organic chicken egg in taiwan market. Their organic chicken egg is 100% true organic. The chicken eat organic food, and it is let loose, running on grass field,Just like in the 1st creation law of God, all creation are set free, not lock up in a cage. when the time to lay eggs, those chicken automatically queue up to lay egg. While the organic chicken layer in the market were caged in small compartment of chicken house day in day out, eat there and lay egg there and do bussiness there, no room to run or grass to eat, off course, it is unhealthy.

Try to checkout the organic chicken on Mt.Zion and you will see. if they main purpose is to earn money, will they put up so much trouble and hardship ? they can just cage the chicken and sell you same lousy quality chicken egg as in taiwan market with market price.

So , Mt.Zion isn't earn your money, but provide a service of providing organic non-toxic food as in the 1st creation of God for ppl who desire for it. Because in the 1st creation of God, there is not Genetic engineering, toxic and poisonous food. Hence Mt.Zion produce food according to the 1st creation of God.

so you said they are selling those organic product to earn living, but who gonna sell a better product at a lower market price ? is that a behaviour of a person who earn money ? to supply good quality of product to ppl who need them ?

> Mt. Zion¡¦s web site fully admits it is a tourist attraction and encourages visitors.

I don't know where you saw that statement, but let me tell you, a tourist attraction give free entry ? if they want to earn your money will they not charge you for entry ? not even a small amount ?! if it is a tourist attraction, even if they charge at certain amount of entrance fee, there will still be lot of ppl want to visit Mt.Zion, because it is a rare sight. So,by charging entrance fee it won't scare ppl away, will it ? why then they don't charge you for entrance fee ? everyday there are so many big coaches went up for free, will they not earn extra money if they charge every coaches for certain amount of parking fee and entrance fee ?

Mt.Zion is a testimony center of God's salvation on earth. that's why there are so many visitors want to see the glory work of God and salvation of God. That's the only reason why they provide free entrance fee, because want to testify to the ppl of all nations the salvation of God is on Mt.Zion. Mt.Zion is a tourist attraction, isn't it ? by judging the amount of ppl visited Mt.zion everyday, isn't it attract ppl from all over the place ? so, is it wrong to say itis tourist attraction ? but who willing to offer free entrance if it is a tourist attraction ? do you know that the maintaince fee of the whole mountain is a very very big sum.?! To gentile, it is a tourist attraction, and in fact it is. But to ppl of Mt.Zion, Mt.Zion is a testimony center of God's salvation. That's why they don't allow visitor to bring in unclean things such as idols. is there any tourist attraction in the world forbid visitor to bring in idols necklace , but Mt.Zion ?

is there any tourist attraction that don't promote itself and make deal with tour agency ? Mt.Zion never promote for itself nor make deal with tour agency, why ? because it is not a tourist attraction, but rather center of testimony of salvation of God on earth, God Himself will bring ppl from all around the world to see His glorious work on Mt.Zion.

>The New Testament Church was founded by Hong Kong movie actress Kong Duen-Yee in 1963. Kong¡¦s theology revolved around the central tenet that Christian denominations had become polluted with false teachings and non-Biblical theories. Citing orders from God, she established herself as the head apostle of the church and preached an apocalyptic doctrine.

Prophet of all nations, granny Kong did not established herself as the head apostle of the church , but rather GOD CHOSEN HER AS APOSTLE AND it is Holy Spirit of God REBUILT THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH and DEMOLISH DENOMINATION ORGANIZATION.

>A body of ¡§assistants¡¨ was established called the Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade. In turn, members of the Crusade would control and monitor the various activities of NTC churches.

Grace of Jesus Christ Crusade is established to help out in translation work of spiritual booklets and to display the glorious work of God to all nations. GJCC is also to assist Granny Kong doing her with spiritual booklet.GJCC DID NOT CONTROL NTC churches.

>Branches sprung up across Asia including Taiwan. Kong wrote several books outlining her biblical interpretation.

Even Granny Kong herself said that she is just recording what God wants her to write. She is not well educated yet she able to produce such fine spiritual books which is in agreement to the biblical truth. This tell us that it is not her who wrote the booklets, but God tell her what to write. It is Holy Spirit who is the author of the books. In Old testament,Just like those fisherman of Galilee, they are not well educated, but when Spirit of God fill them, they able to work wonders, so with granny Kong.

>These were required reading for all NTC members.

saints of NTC read these spiritual book to be more enlighten with what God enlightened Granny Kong. It is not a must to read like a law, but rather, reading it will let spiritual life be more abundant among saints.

>They outlined strict participation requirements including baptism and speaking in tongues.

It is biblical truth for a saint to receive the full gospel of Blood water and Holy Spirit. It is the teaching and command of Jesus.

Blood is witnessed by Bread breaking, meaning repent and seek forgiveness of sin commited, (Heb 9:12)

Water is witness by full submerging under water and come out, meaning die of old sinful self, reborn as new person (ROM 6:4)

Holy Spirit is witness by Tongue utterance.(ACT19:6) (ACT 2:38-39)

there are 3 that witness, it is Holy Spirit, Water and Blood, all these 3 are in agreement as 1. (1john 5:6 - 8)
Since it is biblical truth, all christian must follow and obey, not just saint of New testament Church. But majority of denomination outside denied Baptism of Holy Spirit.

>According to the NTC, when Hong applied for legal ownership of the land, the military Kuomintang government rezoned Mt. Zion as ¡§mountainous¡¨.

all these are in black in white, it is displayed in History Museum on Mt.Zion.

>So began what the NTC refers to as their ¡§persecution¡¨. According to the NTC, police at the request of the government regularly entered the community to question, harass, and beat members. These actions continued for years.

all these persecution are evidented by photos and videos, all these bloodshed done by Tyrant KMT and now in History museum on Mt.Zion as proof of tyrany act of KMT.

>The KMT, having caught word of the conference and increasingly stepping up pressure on the church, barred all NTC members from leaving the island to attend. Ironically, this action would end up giving Hong total control of the NTC.

all things related to God is in control and planning of God, because God of Mt.Zion is a living God.. so it is nothing "irony", it is not coincident, but it is just the wonderful work of God.

>On February 9th, 1976, Hong and the NTC held a conference in Taipei. It was evident that there was a growing rift in the church due to Ruth¡¦s new ideas. Members reportedly pleaded for Hong to take over. For unexplained reasons, he chose to step aside and wait out the problems, perhaps to give NTC members more time to chose their sides. Several months later Ruth sent a letter to Taiwan; she renounced her position and Hong was appointed as leader of the NTC.

the answer is as what you wrote above: "Hong caught word of this and let Ruth know he would not be part of her new ideology."
Prophet Hong have faith in God 100%, he knows God will pay full responsibility of it, because it is related to the work of God, hence he step aside to let God do the rest. Prophet Hong shows his 100% faith in God who works wonders.

>Hong returned to his farming community, occasionally traveling abroad, teaching his gospel, recruiting more members, and establishing more churches.

It is related to salvation of God , not night club or party club, no need recruiting member, but rather bring salvation to ppl, and hence they are enlightened and accept the full truth preached by Grandpa Hong.

>He told Hong to rename the area Mt. Zion, as ¡§Jerusalem in the Middle East had been forsaken.¡¨ Hong was told that when Jesus Christ returned to the earth, the new Mt. Zion would be the only place saved.

yes , indeed. I saw Mt.Zion now is indeed a only save place on earth , where there is no robberies, no fake kidnap call asking for ransom, no crime, no murderer, no fighting, no degenerated worldly trend, no poisonous food..etc.. it is really already a save place on earth. What he meant Mt.Zion is actually Mt.Zion and all off spring of Mt.Zion.

>In 1980 the KMT had had enough. Through a combination of tactics, mostly non-violent, they succeeded in removing the residents of Mt. Zion.

they use trick and laws to drive ppl of Mt.Zion down the mountain to do ..somesort of residential checking and numbering and registration sort of things.. if i didn't remember wrongly.

>The NTC claims that though they won a court battle to reclaim their land, local policemen refused to let them return.

if you check out History museum carefully, you will see all these goverment document stated clearly in their History Museum.

>Oddly, Hong¡¦s whereabouts at this time are unknown.

i doubt very much that Hermon told you so.

>The NTC was finally permitted to return to Mt. Zion in 1986.

God's ppl finally triumped over KMT and return to Mt.Zion, it is indeed the work of God. These are in live video shown in history museum, ask and you will witness for yourself. KMT still setup blockage, but NTC triumped over KMT blockage and return to Mt.Zion.

>Herman and the NTC believe that this was God¡¦s will and that the KMT were powerless to do otherwise. However it is more likely that gradual easing of social restrictions, as part of the lifting of martial law, played a large part in the KMT¡¦s decision. Other previously illegal religions such as the Daoist ¡§Yi Kuan Tao¡¨, were also given permission to be freely practiced.

Tyrant jian jing guo used so much army and law and dirty tactic, spent 7 years to try to take Mt.Zion away , do you think he will so easily let ppl of Mt.Zion back to Mt.Zion if it is not the work of God ?
Even the KMT police once said to ppl of Mt.Zion: "dream on! since we chase you out of Mt.Zion, we will never let you back again, stop your efford". some police even said: "if you able to return to Mt.Zion, then i will help you to take luggage back to Mt.Zion". but later off course, those who said boast hide in shame. didn't see those police come to help them carry luggage back to Mt.Zion at all, their word is not trustworthy, lier.
If it is you who drove ppl of Mt.Zion away inorder to confiscate something that not yours but you want it as your, you used so much military and police power, even used dirty tricks and laws.. even beat ppl up into bleeding and the whole taiwanese knows about it,and take 7 long years efford, will you able to let it go so easily ?! will you not feel shame ?! if you feel shame, will you let go ? let go meant lose and give up to the God of Mt.Zion, you know ? let go also means admit jian jin guo is wrong, you know ? so will tyrant Jian jin guo let them have Mt.Zion back ? not likely, but it is the work of God.

you can argue as you want, but i said what is true and what is truth.

>cultured (unnatural) pearls are also sold along side the health products in the tourist center.

is there such thing call organic pearl ? if there are, maybe next time Mt.Zion will produce one, ya ! ;p

>One of Mt. Zion¡¦s properties is a small island in Tahiti. A gorgeous picture of the island, named Eden

it is a consecrated land in oceaner, it is a off spring of Mt.Zion. Same as Mt.Zion, they life on the island , planting organic food and maintance and testify for salvation of God to ppl of that area.and enjoy the salvation and rest of God.Off couse, since they are not eating and wait there doing nothing for the return of Jesus, they work with their both hand. They can't grown much fruit tree enough for sell to compensate the daily expenses of the island and cover back the island purchase sum, hence they use the sea resources. it is nothing against the 1st law of God creation, and certainly nothing against the teaching of bible.

>Several of the products available at Mt. Zion are actually produced from their affiliate company in Australia.

none of the consecrated land is meant to be company for any money earning purposes, but to be registered as company is the only way to inherit the land and consecrate it to God. so that ppl at australia can enjoy the salvation and rest of God. it is for the sake of australian. Who want to go all the way to australia to create bussiness ? if to create bussiness and to earn money, why not just do it all in malaysia and taiwan.. isn't it more convinience ?
consecrated lands are not meant for bussiness and earning money, but to serve ppl of God. To bring salvation to ppl of those country.

>Members then go to their respective ¡§work assignments¡¨ which could be anything from farming to accounting.

mt.Zion is home to ppl of God. hence it maybe "work assignment" in name,but actually they are working the house chore of House of God.they work seriously and deligently , because they are the children of God, doing house chore is normal, they are not working for money, but house chore.

> (Herman mentioned that even Hollywood blockbusters like The Day After Tomorrow could be shown to help remind NTC members of God¡¦s will)

yes, anything that is able to be use for the work of God, should be channel for the benefit of the saints. I believe all things are created for the sake of work of God, then those things are really meaningful, else it is meaningless.

> It was unclear exactly what is or isn¡¦t taught

they learn anythings that are useful, and able to use for the work of God. go and ask them to show you their books.. then you will know.

>Herman was adamant that Mt. Zion residents wanted minimal interaction with ¡§gentiles¡¨.

yes, gentile in bible refer to those disbeliever, those who deny the salvation of God, Mostly they are those unrighteous and unholy. Well, it is in bible.

>Although Herman says Zion residents do not vote, their feelings for the KMT are explosive.

they are ppl of God's kingdom, who else should they vote ? it is clearly it is God alone they serve. so, yes, all saints through out the world don't vote to human.

>Throughout our conversation, Herman peppered his comments about the KMT with words such as ¡§tyrant¡¨ and ¡§evil¡¨.

you will said the same if you see how KMT beaten the unarmed saints and women up into bloodshed and blood dripping and even fainted. if you are in that position, you will have the same feeling. ppl of Zion are without wrong doing, yet being beaten up and jailed and properties being destroyed left nothing but wondering in the dangerous riverband that will have flash flood anytime when rain.. will you still say KMT are good guy, they are not tyrant ? i don't think you will. there are video in history Museum shows the acts of tyrany of KMT. ask them to show you. and you will know. if you want, i can also provide a few digital photos of the bloodshed... if i can find it.

>He repeated several times that ¡§the KMT dares not control¡¨ Mt. Zion.

Yes, KMT dare not. Their leader jian jin guo , as prophesied by Prophet Hong, died of unnatural death. KMT scare to death,how else they dare to touch Mt.Zion, seems God of Mt.Zion is so Powerful.
now again, you may argue Jian died of this and that sickness.. but outcome is still the same, he died of unnature death as prophesied by Prophet before jian go to hell.

>¡§Do you know Fung Shui?¡¨ Herman asked, referring to the Chinese art of geomancy. He went on to claim that when former KMT President Chiang Ching Kuo saw Mt. Zion, the perfection of the mountain prompted him to claim it as his personal burial ground. As such, Herman expounded, Chiang believed his interment in such an auspicious place would insure the continued success of his dynasty. This was Herman¡¦s only explanation for the KMT¡¦s aggression.

well, Chiang failed to seize the Mt.Zion, that's why his dynaty ended.

now you know why i said i didn't bother about this article of david ? because it is full of falsehood. the author thinks he know about mt.zion,but infact know none. all written are not acurate, full of falsehood. it tooks me hours to point out 1 by one.. so time consuming. But since you want to knwo what went wrong with the article, i am willin to spend the time to show you, so that you will understand more.

Hallelujah ! Render all Glory to Almighty God of Mt.Zion.
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Postby Dave » Fri Mar 11, 2005 8:55 am

Render all Glory to Almighty God of Mt.Zion.

So you're not on side or the other eh?


I didn't say they didn't like people answering questions, but quoted the statement from an attributable source. The sentiment was echoed by the other people who sat around the table eating dinner with me. They all live in the same neighborhood as your mountain and interact with Zionites every day. As we listen to you Andrew, we must also listen to the opinions of others.

If you sell something you earn money. That's the definition of the word. And you still haven't mentioned why they sell the pearls. Your logic "natural ones don't exist, so we sell unnatural" goes against what you just said about selling "only natural". Why do you even sell them? What about the necklaces, Or the bracelets? How does that help people? It doesn't. It helps Zion bring in cold hard cash.

Hermon did tell me Hong's whereabouts were unknown. He said "I don't know, somewhere." How can I prove this? When I write or take interviews I bring an MP3 recorder with me. I have 4 hours of conversation with Herman on my hard drive. Would you like me to send you the MP3s? Just give me your address.

I notice you didn't elaborate on where he was either. Certainly not living down by the river for 2 years.

Hey, fantastic that all that information is in Zion's history museum. That's definately non-biased.

On Zion's website in the "Tour Of Zion" section it mentions that Zion is a tourist attraction. Hermon metioned it as well. Again, I'd be happy to send you the recordings.

Anyway Andrew, great speech. I think our talk, at least my part, is pretty much over. The "Article of David" as you put it (nice ring) stands on the site as do your comments. I leave it to readers to decide for themselves.

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Postby andrew_ysk » Fri Mar 11, 2005 11:37 am

As i said before, now i am saying again. i am not siding, but to defend the truth, because i know Mt.Zion more than you.

surely if some ppl say wrongful thing about you and you should investigate and rectify them. but you didn't do that, yet you publish wrongful information on the net and indirectly mislead those who read ur aticles. you have personaly come across with them and interviewed them, you should know better those who dinned with you talking wrongful tales, yet as a journalist, you didn't investigate but post the misleading information on the net.

tell me, natural or unnatural pearl.. does that harm your health? does that kills you if you wear them ? do you eat pearl ? no. then what does it got anything to do with organic products of Mt.Zion ? do Mt.Zion ppl wear cloth ? yes, but cloth is natural ? do you grow clothing ? no, it is made. so it is un natural ? then those ppl in the world who pursue organic food for health, you should ask them stop wearing cloth aswell yeh ? what you asked is not a question actually.

what MT.Zion do with the income , which is hardwork by their both hand with sweat is not your concern actually. shall i ask you what you do with ur income ? shall i ask how much you earn monthly and daily ? shall i demand to know what you do with your income ? no, it is not my bussiness.

Anyway, just to satify you, i tell you this.
all those blessing of God BELONG to God, because it is blessed by God. as written in bible "all gold and silver belong to God", even human are belong to God, should render all glory to God.
It is used for expenses of maintainance over the whole mt.Zion, building wall to prevent soil errosion (see what happen to other mountain around Mt.Zion due to excessive rain...etc) the building of Victory hall, Building and renovation of History Museums, foods, cars maintainance, construction road on Mt.Zion (have you being on Mt.Zion recently ? do you know all the road on Mt.Zion just being renewed ? safer for big coaches to access.

Now, those blessing of God are used to do the work of God.
Saints went oversea to preach the full gospel of God's kingdom for weeks, sometime even up to months. printing gospel posters, gigantic banners to warn the nations of the coming of great tribulation, the wrath of Lamb is here (just like those banner infront of Victory Hall), thousand millions posters to be given away freely , to tell ppl of all nation world wide the salvation of God, the coming of great and dreadful days.
For printings thousands and million copy of colored publication and vibrant posters for the need of all saints around the world. did you notice all the publications and poster stated the statement "NOT FOR SALE" ?! Yes, all publications are given out to those who want to know more freely, with no string attached. did you receive posters given out while your stay in taiwan ? well, the poster also given out FREELY in malaysia and singapore and all of arica and the whole world wide. that's where all the money went to.

The blessing from God are used to do the work of God.

>What about the necklaces, Or the bracelets? How does that help people? It doesn't. It helps Zion bring in cold hard cash.

Since all form of blessing from God are used for the work of God, What ever things that does not go against biblical teaching can be channel for the work of God - salvation of human.
Unlike denomination, their God is their belly, they ask around for donation by bring money collection sacks infront of you.

Mt.Zion's mission of the era is to bring salvation to men, not to burden them.

Mt.Zion never ask donation from their saints and believers. Saints will offer or not, big or small, all depend of themself. An offering that is unwilling or by force is not remembered by God.

>Hermon did tell me Hong's whereabouts were unknown. He said "I don't know, somewhere."

i also don't know where you are right now, does that meant anything ? if ppl ask me where is this Dave the one who posted the article, i will say, i don't know, but does that means a thing ? it simply mean i don't know, but other ppl know. your family know where u are, you brother knows where u are, but i don't know. that's what it mean only.

I do know, during the persecution of KMT, Prophet Hong was almost beaten to death (try to get a beaten from whole gang of tyrant KMT, and you will know the taste). He was lying motionless on the floor.. when saints want to carry him away, he said: "bring me to the altar of Mt.Zion". What he meant was, even die he would not want to be part with Mt.Zion , the mountain of God. He want to offer himself up to God,if that's what God planned for him. He is willing to live for the glory of God, and die to testify for God. He is immitating Paul and Jesus, LIVE HIS WHOLE LIFE TO SERVE AND TESTIFY FOR GOD.

Now , you said his whereabout is unknown, do you ever think that maybe some saints have carried him away because he is on the verse of dying, due to brutal beating of KMT ? Since Hermon said he is travelling around to help out, that means he is not permanently around with Prophet Hong, that could explain why. try to immagine that you are in world war, see how is ur feeling that time, will you still be so clear minded ?

But God never let him died, because his is the one that chosen by God to assume the ministry of Elijah.

Prophet Hong's mission on earth is to STRAIGHTEN THE PATH BEFORE THE 2ND COMING OF THE LORD TO JUDGE THE WHOLE WORLD. He is to turn the heart of sons to their father and heart of father to son.

>Hey, fantastic that all that information is in Zion's history museum. That's definately non-biased.
all those information are kept and some collected later after the persecution.. all these are to testify the tyrany act of KMT and what Mt.Zion went thru.
These are the evident of what this wicked beast-chiang jin kuo (and also how chiang jin kuo being punish by God) done to Mt.Zion and how God perserved ppl of Mt.Zion until having today,such a glory testimony for ppl to see.
If there is no battle, there won't be any glory, right ? But nobody want to seek for battle and hardship. It is satan who trying hard to hinder the work of God, but ends up bring glory to God of Mt.Zion.

Same like what Israelite went thru in older day, all RECORDED IN THE BIBLE to be seem by all nations and generations to come, to testify how God saved them from all the aflliction and death. this history museum is also testifying for God. Just like old testament is well recorded to testify for God.

>On Zion's website in the "Tour Of Zion" section it mentions that Zion is a tourist attraction. Hermon metioned it as well. Again, I'd be happy to send you the recordings.

it is a fact isnt' it ?
It is said so, for the sake of ppl like you (because you don't understand), but actual fact to the saints, Mt.Zion is the testimony center of God's salvation on earth and to bring ppl back into the salvation of God.That's why unclean things are not allowed.

tourist attraction don't testify the glory work of God, tourist attraction is just a tourist attraction.
But Mt.Zion is to display the testimony of the glorious work of God.

Since you have being on Mt.Zion, didn't you see all things on Mt.Zion testify the glory work of God ? from the living style, singing and dancing to praise God as their "entertainment", working, studying... even what Hermon speak also is to testify for the Glorious work of God.
Apart from the glorious work of God, they don't speak nonsense and certainly don't talk bad on ppl's back, their mouth are "clean".

>Anyway Andrew, great speech. I think our talk, at least my part, is pretty much over. The "Article of David" as you put it (nice ring) stands on the site as do your comments. I leave it to readers to decide for themselves.

Thanks Dave.
I am just doing my part to testifying for the glory and salvation of God and to defend the truth.

it is Omega time, the great and dreadful day is very near.
What never happen happened in taiwan and world wide.
Never for 100 years (as in news) taiwan snow in the month of March and snow in the part of taiwan that not suppost to snow. But it happened,even frozen 40++ ppl to death - March 2005.
Some ppl still said: Arrg !! disaster will not happen to my place lar, it is save here, there is no Tsunami or anything that is dangerous! don't worry!

But bible said, when ppl said:

(1 Thessalonians 5:3 NIV)

"While people are saying, "Peace and safety," destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they WILL NOT ESCAPE."

Signs have being repeated and repeated again. It is sign from God to tell this generation that He is about to work, He is about pour down His wrath onto this wicked and unbelieving world.

May God enligthen you from Mt.Zion.
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Postby Ann » Sat Apr 15, 2006 12:12 pm

Hey people... just stumbled thru this forum... I just have one thing to say... I don't think it's a crime to have some money to pay for all the accomedations for tourists n curious ppl seeing a place where hundreds of people work together n live together for one purpose - to be good christians. I am a Christian too, n I think its wonderful... call me a hippie, but that sorta stuff, where you n hundreds of people live in the same area n do stuff you believe in , IS NOT BAD. In the real world, even if you are a good person, you still have to pay the electricity bills n utilities, right? If they have lots of ppl there, and "offshoots" with even more christian believers there, it becomes a necessity for Zion to get enough money for these people working, or at least it should be that way.

I realize that nonreligious persons who read this don't always understand the emotions involved with being in touch with God. Yet people should just accept that others can be passionate about their religious beliefs.
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