How to use Taiwan Ho! links

As mentioned on our why have a links page, links to Taiwan-related pages in English tend to vanish without warning. Even sites as prominent as the Central Weather Bureau will change the link to the English page with no forwarding to the new link.

Therefore, we may list the link to the main page from where you will find a link to the English page. For example:

Which is the main page in Chinese, then on the top menu there is a link to the English page:

Should there be a site that is only in Chinese but we feel is useful, this will be marked at the end of the title of the link. For example:

Tianxiang Presbyterian Hostel [Chinese only]

Keeping the links fresh…

Our software automatically checks the links to make sure they are still alive on a regular basis. However, if you find one that has expired, please let us know.

Add a link…

If you would like to recommend a link for the site please do so on this page. All links are moderated before being added.