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Museum of Contemporary Art

Located just behind Taipei Main Train Station sits the Museum of Contemporary Art. The rather splendid building dates back to 1921 and was an elementary school during the Japanese occupation, but there is nothing dated…

Understanding Taiwan’s Ethnic Groups

Have you ever heard anyone talk about the ethnic groups of Taiwan and wondered what they meant? Do you know your Yuanzhumin from your Waishengren? This is a brief guide to understanding the terms Taiwanese…

The Chinese zodiac in Taiwan

The Chinese Zodiac in Modern Taiwan

Sitting as Taiwan does somewhere along the transition from a traditional agricultural society to a modern technologically-developed nation, the superstitions of older times still hold a surprising amount of sway. From the harmless (not giving…

Futai Mansion photo exhibition

Futai Mansion Photo Exhibition

The latest exhibition at Futai Street Mansion showcases photos from Taiwanese photographer Li Huo-zeng taken in the 1940s. During this time, Taiwan was a Japanese colony, and there are some fascinating photos from the time on display…

TC Locke and friend

An Ex-American in the Taiwanese Army

T.C. Locke is an ex-American who renounced his citizenship in order to naturalise in Taiwan. Now known as a cultural polymath—an accomplished photographer, musician, writer, and film director—Locke (who also goes by the name T.C….

Dragon boat in Taiwan

Dragon Boat Festival in Taiwan

Dragon Boat Festival is one of the three major holidays in Taiwan along with Chinese New Year and the Mid-Autumn Festival, and as such it is a national holiday. It is also known as Duan…