Understanding Taiwan’s Ethnic Groups

Have you ever heard anyone talk about the ethnic groups of Taiwan and wondered what they meant? Do you know your Yuanzhumin from your Waishengren? This is a brief guide to understanding the terms Taiwanese…

Yun Hsien Resort in Wulai

Wulai Yun Hsien Resort – The Resort that Time Forgot

Wulai is an extremely popular tourist destination in Xindian to the south of Taipei City, famed for the beautiful mountain scenery, rivers, rock pools, waterfalls, great hiking and perhaps most famously of all, hot springs. In…


Taiwan Since 2002: A Difficult Dozen Years

John Ross is the author of Formosan Odyssey, a classic of Taiwan travel and history writing, first published in 2002. In this afterword written for the 2014 second edition, he looks at how Taiwan has…

100 Taiwanese dollars


Cash is still king in Taiwan, though credit cards are accepted in ever more places The currency in Taiwan is the New Taiwan Dollar (NT$). Most establishments do not accept US dollars or other currencies,…

Getting help in Taiwan
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Scooter police in Taiwan
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Visiting the dentist in Taiwan
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MTC Dragon Boat Team

Dragon Boat Racing with The Mandarin Training Center

Dragon boat races have been held in Chinese communities around the world for more than 2,000 years during the Dragon Boat Festival, which is on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month; this year’s…