Urban Hiker Redux: Fuyang Park to Hsin Hai MRT

One of the interesting things about moving abroad is the newness of everything–the mundane, everyday tasks we take for granted back home, say dropping off dry cleaning or calling someone to fix a leaky toilet,…

Getting Help

A number of different support services are available to foreign residents, and the government is also becoming more aware of the needs of the expat community Emergency Services There are a few different telephone numbers…


The Farmer’s Almanac in Taiwan

The best-selling book in Taiwan is the Chinese Almanac, or as it is also known the “Farmer’s Almanac”, with around 80% of households owning a copy. With its origins dating back over 2000 years, the…

The Vermeer Exhibition
Butterfly Barbie at the Taishan Doll Museum
Taishan Doll Museum
Dali Exhibition
Photograph of the full moon
Moon Festival

The Lanyang Museum in Yilan

Tourism in Yilan has exploded with the opening of Xueshan tunnel. It’s now quick and easy to get to, and there are an ever increasing number of places to visit. One of the newer such…

matsu  018
Nangan Island, Matsu
Matsu: Pirates, Birds and Guns
Shopping for cameras in Taipei

Shopping for Cameras

A shopping experience often depends on the store and the staff who serve you. This is especially true when buying a camera as the amount of money involved can be substantial (see below for a…