Latest News: June 13th 2014

The World Cup kicked off very early this morning Taiwan time, and as hoped the coverage on TV was excellent. Not much chance of ever seeing Taiwan in the finals, or even qualifying, but there is considerable interest here. More details on where to watch can be found here. [Post link]

The featured article this week is an interview with T.C. Locke, as far as we know the first Westerner to be called up for mandatory military service in Taiwan. It’s a fascinating story and insight into a side of life in Taiwan that few of us see or even know about.

Earlier this week we also published an article on Futai Street Mansion in Taipei. In what seems to be a growing and very welcome trend, this century-old building has been restored by the local government, and a very good job they have done as well. The focus on this building is photography, which is with a knowing nod to its proximity to camera street.

On other site news, we have fixed a bug with registration on the forums. Apologies if anyone experienced problems with that.

In news from Taiwan, Angelina Jolie was criticised by some misinformed Chinese online warriors for correctly describing Ang Lee as being Taiwanese.

Proving that both sides of the straights can get on, Taiwanese Hsieh Su-wei and Chinese Peng Shuai won the tennis women’s doubles at the French Open.

The largest hostel in the country has opened in Taipei, and the highest bridge in the country has opened in Pingtung, which is reportedly the same height as a 33-storey building. Gulp.

Rail enthusiasts will be please to hear another steam train has been renovated and can be seen in Changhua, where an employee of the railways has been lauded for not taking a single day off in 24 years.

And finally, good news if you hold a driving license from Delaware (along with Maryland, Idaho, Florida, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas), as you can now get a Taiwanese driving license without taking the driving test.

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Thanks again for reading, have a great week, and we hope to see you back soon.

Taiwan Ho!