We’re back!

It is with great pleasure that we launch the new look site. Built to work on everything from desktop computers to mobile devices, we hope you enjoy your visits. It is a work in progress as any website is, and we would love to receive feedback on the current site and on any new functionality you would like to see.

This is the sixth version of the main site, and as before we are still an article based site. We have decided to keep comments in the forums, and although registration is required to post a comment it is quick, easy, and free. If you would like to write for us or if you have an idea that you think would make a good story, please contact us.

New content will be posted every Friday to help get you through the last day of the week, and hopefully give you some ideas for things to do at the weekend. If you would like to receive email notification of new content via our newsletter, please send an email to newsletter-ho@taiwanho.com.

And if you’d like to know why we  chose this day to launch, it was all in the almanac as you can read here.

Thanks again for reading, and we hope to see you back soon.

Taiwan Ho!